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Cure Your Homesickness

Awesome Lebanese videos and songs

Because we all need our dose of Lebanon every now and then, we put together a few playlists that will bring you back home in a split second (whether you’re in the subway, at work, or in your bed):

  • The ‘OLDIES’ playlist (our favorite!), for the times you’re hanging out with other Lebanese expats and you end up singing old tunes together (chouuuu battariytak?... RAYOVAK!)

  • The ‘HEARTWARMING VIDEOS FROM HOME’ playlist, for the times when you want to show off how amazing Lebanon is to your international friends (WARNING: you might shed a tear or two after watching this one)

  • The ‘WHEN YOU'RE FEELING NOSTALGIC’ playlist, for the times where you wished you could just spontaneously buy a ticket to the homeland! If you close your eyes to those songs, it will take you there for free!

Enjoy ! :)

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