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Discover Our Prototype Box

The Coffee-Lover Box

In May, we sent the first Koullouna box to 20 Lebanese expats, lucky winners from our Facebook contest.

The theme was all about traditional Lebanese coffee. In the box, you could find:

  • A pack of classic coffee from Café Najjar - along with a ‘How to prepare lebanese coffee’ guide
    (even though, if you are the eldest kid in your family, you were probably designated as the “Kahweh” head chef whenever aunts, neighbors or random people came by, so chances are you have already mastered the art of making the perfect Lebanese coffee.)

  • A bottle of orange blossom water by Mymouné - to make the famous white coffee that stimulates digestion (and oh how we need that after a Lebanese meal!)

  • 4 chaffe and a rakwe - so you can have proper coffee get-togethers! yey!

  • A specially designed ‘Coffee’ postcard by the very talented Nina Abou Zeid- since we're scattered around the world, a postcard is the perfect way to say « I want to have coffee with you soon !»

  • The initiative of the month: The Nawaya Network that connects promising youth from low-income backgrounds to resources such as mentors, trainers, classes, funding, internships, and job opportunities. Over the past few years, Nawaya has supported dozens of youth in developing their talents and we’re proud to have been part of the change in some way. We even received a heartwarming message from Ahmad, the beneficiary of Koullouna’s support (Check it out below)!

And this is only the first box of its kind... we’ll let you imagine what else will happen very soon inshallah!

You can follow us on Instagram to see pictures of the lucky winners :)

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