• The concept

    Koullouna is a subscription box that aims to connect all Lebanon-lovers to the country.

    The box will give you the chance to:

    Get your monthly surprise

    Home in a box

    Every month, you will receive a bundle of Lebanese items shipped with love, all the way from there. A concentrate of culture, colors, tastes, smells and sounds that only your motherland has.

    Give to local initiatives

    A new way to get involved

    In every box, you will also discover a Lebanese initiative with a positive impact on the country to which a part of your box was donated. So you're actually helping your country grow from afar!

  • The coffee box

    Our first prototype, made with love 💙

  • Our commitment

    The box





    The products


    Made in Lebanon


    With a monthly theme

    The initiative




    Not affiliated to any religious or political group

    The delivery





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