L'Etoile Phénicienne

In this book, the author accompanies the hero in an adventure, discovering those who invented the hieroglyphs, braved the seas and tamed the waters, discovered the alphabet and the purple dye.

Found in the 'Kankaneh' boxA precious copy of the book

About the author:
Those who knew her to describe her as being something close to magic. Tania Bonja Honein was a lawyer, a teacher, a writer, and above all, a dreamer. She wrote about the simple things, the happy pleasures, the essence of life, of love, of friendship, of values. Always with tender and simple words - she was not one to try and be fancy.
This mom, with kids scattered around the globe, remained on a mission to spread love and to praise the land to which she was profoundly attached. Lebanon was often at the heart of her writings. When we talked to her about adding her book to the box, she kept saying “I want people to be proud of their Lebanese roots”.