Freekeh Bites

Freekeh is a cereal made from green durum wheat which grows in our region (the Levant and North Africa). It is used as easily as rice - as an accompaniment, or a base, and is super nutritious. Kind of like the new quinoa but healthier and more affordable. It has recently become a super trendy ingredient - Even Oprah is talking about it!

Being a biochemist and Agri-food engineer student, Maria Ashkar couldn’t just let freekeh become this big thing without making sure our region gets the credit it deserves: so her mission became to “take back freekeh”!

It started with a homemade recipe of a cereal bar made with freekeh, honey, and chocolate. She presented it at a university competition in Lebanon, and since then, it grew to become a full-blown brand with different mixes! Maria Ashkar is changing the way we consume Freekeh and bringing back our grandmothers’ favorite ingredient to coolness. 

Found in the 'Sobhye' boxFreekeh bites of 3 different flavors

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