Miel du levant

In the 70s, Antoine Abi Harb decided to follow his passion and became a beekeeper in Lebanon. He did it as a hobby and used to give away the honey to his friends and family until one day (in 1999) Antoine received the 0% of sucrose certification from a renowned lab in Kuwait; a first in class score! To him, it was completely normal… he had never fed his bees sugar.

This family business has kept its artisanal beekeeping practices. They still move the hives 4 times a year: “moving around and adapting to the different environment makes our bees stronger and healthier!” says Christy, in charge of the marketing and communications today.

They offer different types of honey: orange honey, forest honey, thistle honey (an extremely rare flower that is only available in Lebanon, Italy, France and Argentina). 

Found in the 'Sobhye' box: A jar of “Forest” honey

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