It’s the story of a happy encounter between a Lebanese guy and a French girl, both in love with Beirut and the Lebanese culture. Together they decided to promote Lebanon and its local crafts though effortless and affordable apparel. They created a label mixing Lebanese designs with the minimalist French touch and their taste for simple and pure aesthetics. And that’s how Inoui was born.


Today, Yammine and Ines create and produce t-shirts made in Lebanon and inspired by typical Lebanese references. The best part is that these t-shirts are hand embroidered by their “tétas” (grandmas), and by the women of the “Ashghalouna” workshop, a training center for widowed women, in sewing, needlework, and cooking.


Found in the ‘Jam3a’ box: a tote bag designed in Lebanon with the “bri2” (the water jug), specially made for this box.

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