In 2006, Hady Gebrane, 18 years old at the time, unfortunately, passed away in a car accident. His parents refused to stay idle and decided to take action, so they created an organization for the promotion of road safety awareness among the Lebanese community and called it “Kunhadi” (which literally means ‘be calm’).

Knowing how outrageous the driving is in Lebanon and how dangerous the roads are, Kunhadi wants to change road user behavior through different projects including educational conferences, professional fleet drivers training, national campaigns, installation of retro-reflective markings and installation of pedestrian safe crossing, etc.

They have done so much in the past year that we wanted to dedicate this month’s donation to them and honor them and to try to add our little impact to their huge inspiring endeavors.

Found in the ‘Jam3a’ box: we donated the funds that were needed to build a safe crossing in front of a school in Lebanon.

Discover more about Kunhadi here