Al Rifai

In 1948, Hajj Moussa Al Rifai opened a small shop on Mazraa Street to roast and sell nuts and kernels. He applied such high-quality standards, that a few years later he became a reference in this world: merchants would call him to check whether the imported nuts were of good quality. If he said they were, then everybody would purchase them.

Hajj Moussa was also the first Lebanese roaster to start exporting to Africa and Canada, he put the Lebanese roastery expertise on the map (#trendsetter)! 

Amareddine (dried apricot paste) is this orange-colored, intensely-flavored candy. When we were kids, we would suck on as long as possible to make the pleasure last. There was always a pack in our grandmas’ cupboard, it really does bear the taste of the “Day3a!”

Found in the ‘Day3a’ box: 6 pieces of Amareddine

Found in the 'A3yed' box: a jar of dried fruits and nuts

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