Kammoon London

It’s the story of a group of Lebanese, living in London and missing the homey and comforting taste of Lebanese food. They turned to the best cooks they knew: Lebanese moms! 

They met them, cooked with them, and started selling those delicious dishes to other nostalgic expats. From there, it grew quite fast: they got a bigger kitchen, hired talented chefs, started catering to bigger parties, and regularly launch revisited dishes with a Lebanese touch (fries with sumac? WE SAY YES!). 

Their cuisine is naturally healthy and balanced, with recipes full of vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and healthy oils. Beneficial & aromatic spices, including cumin (or Kammoon in Arabic), punctuate their food giving the distinct and delicious taste of Lebanon.

Until today, Kammoon never strayed away from their initial promise to deliver authentic Lebanese cuisine, always made with love.

Found in the "Tabkha" box: 2 recipes by Kammoon for Sfouf lovers and Baba ghannouj lovers :)

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