Conserves Modernes Chtaura

At one point in time (a long long time ago), lemon trees were scarce in Lebanon. So our ancestors had to be creative to find new ways to have zest-y and lemon-y flavors. One of the ones they came up with was made with sour pomegranates. 

 Juice was extracted from the seeds of the fruit, strained and boiled into thick syrup producing pomegranate molasses, “Debs el Remmen” in Arabic. This thick dark brown liquid is probably the one ingredient that can change the whole taste of a meal! 

The taste of pomegranate molasses is intensely sour with a hint of sweetness. It is mostly used in the same way as vinegar in salads and marinades, it can also be added to meat stuffing.

Found in the "Tabkha" box: Debs el Remmen syrop