Terroirs du Liban

Each one of their products has a story, a soul, a meaning. Terroirs du Liban by Fair Trade Lebanon is a socially- engaged brand that offers authentic and traditional Lebanese food products, based on the know-how of Lebanese villages and prepared in a traditional manner by rural cooperatives

Fair Trade Lebanon was born in the year of 2006 out of the will of a few Lebanese who wanted to change the livelihoods of disadvantaged rural populations in Lebanon while fighting against rural exodus, desertification, poverty, and despair. Terroirs du Liban products fall under the Fair Trade principles, adopted worldwide, claiming authenticity, transparency, and ethics among many others. Their products are exported and mainly available throughout the Fair Trade networks. The good news is that they’re expanding horizons and Terroirs du Liban is now selling in some specialty shops in France. And on top of that…It’s delicious!

Found in the “A3yed” box: a fig and sesame jam