Reema’s energy is contagious, and the challenge she took on was ambitious. But she did it! She created the Biolicious products with only what is good for you. No gluten, no sugar, no preservatives, vegan, the list goes on... And don’t be mistaken, the products are super tasty!

Made essentially from a mix of living foods, mainly vegetables, nuts, and seeds; they are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants. Each product offers the body energy and unique excellent nutritive elements special to their ingredients. With currently 4 kinds of vegetable crackers, 3 kinds of kale chips, hazelnut & raw cacao wafers, and 5 kinds of energy clusters, the Biolicious range is continuously growing to include snacks for the whole family. 

Found in the "Tfaddalo" box:  Carrot and wild thyme crackers