How you can support Lebanon while living abroad

In the face of adversity in Lebanon, some get angry, some complain, some give up, but others… others fight. Others decide to take matters in their own hands. They create, they help, they change. And these are the ones we honor at Koullouna.

In a year, and with YOUR help, we have had more impact that we could’ve hoped for. And we have met amazing human beings. Here is a quick recap of what was done with these beautiful people:

Here are the heroes you can support by purchasing a Koullouna box:

  • FabricAid created a system for clothes’ recycling, re-purposing, re-using. No more waste! To support them, get the Kankaneh box

  • March is a peace builder, fostering tolerance, reconciliation and long-term sustainable programs. To support them, get the Sobhiyeh box

  • Kunhadi turned a tragedy into an impactful system for road safety and awareness. To support them, get the Jam3a box

  • Lebanon Mountain Trail redefined sustainable hiking in our beautiful mountains. To support them, get the Day3a box

  • Ouzville brought colors and light where hope was starting to faint. To support them, get the Madineh box

  • The Lebanese Food Bank is fighting to eliminate hunger, the very basic human need. To support them, get the Tabkha box

  • Live Love Beirut is moving people from social media to social action. To support them, get the Darouriyet box

  • Donner Sang Compter created a central database for blood donors in Lebanon (the first one!) To support them, get the A3yed box

  • Souk el Tayeb developed Beirut’s biggest and most loved farmers’ market. To support them, get the Tfaddalo box

  • Auxilia has been caring for children and their families for years now. To support them, get the Tlazzazo box

Keep creating, keep supporting.
Koullouna Nachkouroukom! (we all thank you!) 

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