Lebanese around the world are going crazy over their Koullouna Box!

Since the launch of the first box, the "Kankaneh" box, Lebanon-lovers around the world are loving their monthly surprise box...and they love sharing it with the world! 

So we compiled a few shots of our customers unboxing their Koullouna Box, and we couldn't be happier to see these faces of joy :)

“For all you expats or fans of Lebanon, with the box Koullouna you'll be able to bring Lebanon to your home - I was honored to be the photographer for @koullouna” -  Emilie Madi, Lebanese living in Paris

Emilie madi shares her experience with Koullouna box and supporting Lebanon as an expat


“Received my first #koullounabox! 😁 I could not be more #proud to come from a culture that developed such an #epic way to give back to #local communities. By subscribing to receive this box, I get a piece of #lebanon🇱🇧 delivered to my doorstep in #connecticut 🇺🇸 each month” - Christine Najjar, Lebanese living in Connecticut


A Lebanese expat shares her experience with Koullouna box. Start supporting Lebanon wherever you are with a Lebanese box


And it's not just the customers who are loving it but the brands and initiatives featured in the box. Every month, Koullouna box features 5-6 Lebanese brands, from small to large producers.

Here's what some of them had to say about being featured in a Koullouna box

“Ever since the Sobhiye box was sent, every single person I meet is asking about Koullouna and how wonderful it is! Thank you for the story, the posts and the collaboration mostly!” - Maria Achkar, Founder of Freekeh Bites

Freekeh bites shares their experience with Koullouna box. Freekeh bites is a local lebanese supplier of bars made of Freekeh. They are available in the Sobhye box

“Sikasok loves Koullouna and is proud to have such a beautiful and genuine partner. We absolutely love what you do and totally support you.” - Ralph Haiby, Co-founder of Sikasok

Sikasok shares their experience with Koullouna box, the first box made for Lebanese expats

If you're a Lebanese brand and would like to be featured in a Koullouna box, contact us and we'll get back to you! 

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