How Koullouna Box started

When Lebanese expats leave the country, they make sure to keep a super tight bond with their homeland: a song by Majida awakens our patriotic hearts, the smell of jasmine makes us smile, and we are constantly on a quest to find the best labneh in town.

But let’s face it: in the midst of our busy lives, it is sometimes hard to stay connected to everything that is happening in Lebanon. And a LOT is happening (a lot of good things, that is!).

So out of this frustration of being far and feeling powerless, came the need to come together and create something.

After a workshop with fellow expats in Paris, many discussions with friends around the world, a few homemade tests and a lot of coffee, Koullouna was born!

The perfect balance between getting a piece of home at your doorstep and sending back a piece of you to Lebanon. 

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