10 typical Lebanese characters… and their Koullouna box alter ego

Koullouna boxes are inspired by real Lebanese experiences which usually feature real typical Lebanese characters. 

We had fun associating the Lebanese cliche to its alter-ego box and you can take it a step further and associate it to a person you know :)

The Kankaneh box: The Teta 

What they typically say: “khallina bel beit ahsan”

What’s better than your grandma taking care of you and making you your favorite dish? Comfort, unconditional love and the smell of saboun baladeh, this box is all about pampering yourself and staying in a cosy home while it’s cold outside.

Discover the Kankaneh box. 

The Sobhye box: The Tante

What they typically say: “7atteyte el rakwe 3al nar?”

The “tante” know everything about everyone, and when standing on her balcony, is much more efficient than any security camera. Her favorite moment of the day? The sobhiyeh: a moment shared by a few people - traditionally women who are neighbors - gathering around coffee in the morning to talk about life, gossip about people and laugh about anything.
This box will give you all the tools you need to make your own sobhiyeh.

Discover the Sobhye box.  

The Jam3a box: The Pappaze

What they typically say: “Ta3o la 3anna, 3emlin a3deh”

The “pappaze” loves having everyone over at his home. He always has beer in his fridge, has a big TV, and is located centrally to everyone. Any day of the week, any time of the day, any excuse is good to get together, “yalla 2ta3!”
This box has the main ingredients to turn a simple gathering into a true “jam3a”.

Discover the Jam3a box.

The Day3a box: The old 3ammo

What they typically say: “men weyn enta?” or “ebn min enta?”


When riding our bikes from our grandma’s house to our cousin’s house in the village, we would always come across the “3ammo”. You know, that old man who sits on his terrace and calls everyone in for a fresh juice. This man becomes practically family, hence the name “3ammo” (uncle). After having fought invisible enemies in the 7erech (forest) , and hiked to the top of the mountain, a pause at his windy terrace was just what we needed. The day3a box will give you that breezy break.

Discover the Day3a box.

The Madineh box: The Lebanese mom

What they typically say: “Eja el autocar!”


Lebanese moms are fairies, they manage to get so much done in so little time. One special day for every Lebanese kid is the first day of school after summer: After a night of little sleep (so much excitement!) you would wake up to the smell of rain, eat your zaatar sandwich, take your new backpack, and wait for the “autocar”. And you would never, EVER, leave without a kiss from your mama. The madineh box reminds you that in the midst of the city’s hecticness, you should always take the time to enjoy the little moments. 

Discover the Madineh box. 

The Tabkha box: The Jara

What they typically say: Chil tante taybin”

In a Lebanese building, there is always one home that always smells like food (onions and garlic mainly). Any time of the day, any day of the week. That neighbor doesn’t bother us though because we always end up receiving the leftovers in tupperwares :) The tabkha box is for you to try and cook just as good as her. Try.

Discover the Tabkha box. 

The Darouryiet box: The patriot

What they typically say: (you saw it coming…) “Koullouna lil watan”

We all know that person (often living abroad, who would defend Lebanon no matter the situation. Resilience, warmth and “skiandswiminthesameday” are his favorite words. If you look closely, very closely,... you will see him/her shed a tear at the national anthem. The darouriyet box is a survival kit for anyone in love with this country.

Discover the Darouriyet box. 

The A3yed box: Jedo, teta, 3amo, khalto, cousins,... basically everyone.

What they typically say: Yen3ad 3laykoun”

Family. A big word for us Lebanese. A big reason why we stay attached to the country when we leave. And the “a3yed” are our favorite time of year. It’s when we all make our way home, no matter where we are. And you know how we feel about home at Koullouna :)
The a3yed box is a festive box. A happy one. One that brings together!

 Discover the A3yed box.

The Tfaddalo box: The gharib (bess ma fi hada gharib)

What they typically say: “Tfaddalo walaw”

In Lebanon, it is only normal to invite passersby for a meal. In this culture, eating is an important moment of the day and MUST be shared, even if it’s with strangers. Better yet: especially if it’s with strangers. Someone you didn’t even know yesterday can become your best friend overnight. So this box is dedicated to all the strangers in our lives who invited us to share a meal. The simplest and oldest way to show love. Sahtein!

Discover the Tfaddalo box.  

The Tlazzazo box: The Carpe Diem in all of us

What they typically say: Fi ahla men hal hayeit?”

They say Lebanese people live every day like it’s their last. So this box is to all of us hedonists. It’s about those simple pleasures that result in pure happiness.

Discover the Tlazzazo box. 

Which other Lebanese characters can you think of? Leave a comment, we might make a box out of it ;)

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