6 things every Lebanese expat must own

You can take the Lebanese out of Lebanon but you can't take Lebanon out of the Lebanese!

Whether we live in Paris or Shanghai, we all have those tiny splashes of Lebanon all around our homes. It reassures us, and, more importantly, it allows us to talk about Lebanon to anyone foreign visiting us.

So to make sure Lebanese expats represent Lebanon in the best possible way, here are a few things that are expected to be found in their homes:  

1. Zaatar - no surprises here 

This delicious mix that can be eaten at any point of the day. Breakfast? Yeah! Lunch? Yeah! Snack? Yeah! Dinner? Yeah!

best lebanese zaatar - koullouna box


2. Lebanese coffee

A rakwe and a chaffe is all you need to prepare a traditional Lebanese coffee. If it is followed by someone reading into your cup, then you've nailed it. 

Lebanese coffee - koullouna box

3. Gandour Biscuits 

Gandour biscuits are part of every Lebanese kid's childhood. Unica, Dabke, Biscuit Marie (555) and of course the famous Tarboosh! If we could, we'd have it every single day. 

Gandour Biscuits made in lebanon - koullouna box

4. Summac 

That weird red spice (that can also be poisonous apparently) and that makes our Fattouch salad a treat. 

Summac lebanese - koullouna box

5. Something related to Gebran Khalil Gebran 

And don't ever, ever, mention that you don't have something from Khalil Gebran. Just don't. Find any excuse: you lent one of his books to a friend or you've stored a portrait of him somewhere special. 

The prophet by gebran khalil gebran

6. A Koullouna Box - surprised? 

But really, if you haven't gotten a Koullouna Box, try it out. Most of the items on the list can be found in one of our boxes so it's like hitting 2 birds with one stone. Check out all our boxes here

What's in your survival kit? We've asked a few Lebanese abroad, and here is what they answered:

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