The real people behind Koullouna Box

You might think Koullouna was founded by us three

Koullouna team, Marielle Khayat, Pascale Comaty, Joseph Sayegh

Well... this is only partly true :)

Think about it: none of us had built a company before, we lived in three different countries, we were going to deal with international logistics and had the ambition to create a product that involved more than 60 suppliers and partners. We really had to have some kind of superpowers to pull it off. And we did: our superpowers came in human forms. Moms, dads, sisters, best friends, neighbors, and even strangers.

So this is to pay tribute to the most generous and hard working people without whom Koullouna would have never been possible.

Filling boxes

Every month, we had a box-filling marathon and if it wasn’t for our loved ones, we would’ve never been able to be ready on time. They dove headfirst into our scotch-tapes and bubble wraps and created a Taylorism system that even we couldn’t keep up with!

So here’s to Marlene, Loli, Eliane, Lea, Carla, Chérine, Nida, Joya, and so many more!

Koullouna team, koullouna people, preparing koullouna box, made in lebanon

Representing Koullouna 

While waiting for teleportation to become common, we need our ambassadors around the world to help us spread the positive Koullouna vibes. And oh boy, did they deliver!!

It started with our launching events back in November 2017, when our kick-ass ambassador team held Koullouna meetups in 7 countries at the same time, we then had 5 superstar ambassadors in Montreal, representing us at the LDE event (they even pitched in front of more than 1000 people), then Dior from Neosafar pitched in and talked about Koullouna at the “Derives” festival in Paris, and even this week, we had Chérine representing us at the Total competition and pulling off a virtual/physical pitch with Marielle on Skype… What a Team!

So here’s to Juliana, Christina, Roy, Rita, Kristina, Cyrielle, Cherine, Gauthier, Dima, Anna, Lynn, Mia, Diane, Lauriane, Michelle, Myriam, Dior, Baudoin, PA, and so many more!

Cherine Karam, Juliana Haddad, Rita Hokayem, Rita Houkayem, Lebanese abroad, koullouna box

Koullouna team, people of Koullouna, lebanese expats, lebanese in canada, dima adra

Handling everyday operations

Paying checks, choosing the color of a product, passing by the bank, counting the stock, filling suitcases with boxes, picking up products…

We actually have a Whatsapp group called “Koulloukom zo2” with our parents on it (true story). 

The super people behind koullouna box

And of course, all the ones who suggest ideas, point out typos, send feedback, give encouragements, or just believe in us.

We love you ❤

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