Lebanese goodness in a box

Koullouna is a subscription box that aims to connect all
Lebanon-lovers to the country.

How does it work ?

1. Get your surprise box

Every month, you will receive 4 to 5 handpicked products made in Lebanon, ranging from small producers to the larger brands we all love. The best part is you will get to know the stories behind each product and how to use it!

2. Give to local initiatives

In every box, you will also discover a Lebanese initiative with a positive impact on the country to which 10% of your subscription was donated. So you're actually helping your country grow from afar!

What to expect in the box ?

  • New products - the ones that are up and coming
  • Typical products - the ones we can't live without
  • The stories behind each product
  • A postcard illustrated by a lebanese designer
  • The initative of the month


Starting at 39 €

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