Our story

How it all started...

In 2011, Marielle Khayat left Lebanon to study abroad.

One day, while she was in the middle of nowhere in China, she received a package from Lebanon. Her mom had sent her a "piece of Lebanon in a box": The newspaper of the day, Unica biscuits, Zaatar (of course), olive oil soap, Picon cheese and so much more. It made her incredibly happy!

So she thought: "What if I could spread that feeling amongst all Lebanese living abroad?"

Koullouna box, the story behind how Marielle Khayat launched a lebanese box business

in 2017, Koullouna was born: A box filled with Lebanese goodness. It's a two-way experience:

  1. You receive a curated selection of local products, all made in Lebanon. In the box, you'll find a booklet with the stories of the people behind those wonderful goods and some fun facts and tips on how to use those products

  2. You donate to a specific initiative with each box you buy, contributing to Lebanon's development from afar. 

    Since then...

    Pascale and Joseph joined the adventure and became co-founders, all working towards the same mission: Making Lebanon shine brighter abroad and getting involved in its development.

    Together, they have delivered over 2500 boxes across 35 countries, spreading positivity, one box at a time. 

    Key achievements we're proud of:

    • November 2017: We successfully funded our first Indiegogo campaign, raising over €28K (173% above our target) in one month (excitement, intensity, craziness)

    • April 2018: we sent out our first box. Koullouna is officially born!

    • September 2018: We won the "Femme Francophone Entrepreneure" competition organized by Berytech, L'Orient le Jour, and AUF. Read the full article

    • February 2019: We won the "Female Entrepreneur Award" as part of the Total Startupper of the year competition. Read the full article.

    • Since the start, Koullouna subscribers supported more than 12 initiatives in Lebanon with over 2000$ donated to programs, concretely moving the country forward.

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      The journey continues...

      The Koullouna team continues to deliver sunshine in a box to any Lebanon-lover who would like to learn more about the country, support it from afar or just discover new products.

      If you're an initiative, a supplier or just have an idea, don't hesitate to send us a message here. We'd love to hear from you! 


      As always... much Lebanese warmth to all

      koullouna box team signature