Shipping policy

Countries available

  • We deliver in most countries around the world, except for a few countries that have proven to be difficult.
  • Specifically, we don’t deliver to Argentina, Brazil, Chili, Colombia and DOM-TOM. 
  • At the checkout stage, select the delivery country. If it appears in the drop-down, that means we can deliver to that country. 

Shipping cost

  • Shipping costs depend on the delivery country. The costs vary between 6.5€ and 13.5€ (7$ and 15.5$).
  • At check out, choose your delivery country and the cost of shipping will be added.
  • Shipping is free in Lebanon. 

Shipping timings

  • It can take up to 10 days to receive a box, depending on the box and shipping country.
  • Once the order is made, you will receive a confirmation email. 
  • Once the box is on its way, an update email will be sent to you with shipping details. 
  • Please make sure you add a contact number and email in the shipping details. 
  • In Lebanon, we deliver on the next day.  

Shipping tracking

  • Not all boxes are trackable! It depends on the box chosen and the delivery country. If you want to find out if your box is trackable, email us at
  • If you haven’t received your box in the 10 days following the date you've ordered it, please send an email to so we can look into it. 

Duties and customs 

Duties and customs may apply depending on the delivery country. Koullouna Box is not responsible for any duties or customs applied. These will be paid entirely by the customer at reception.